Elegance for her

The version for her is a floral and fruity fragrance. Its composition evokes the soul of Paris. A romantic and sensual soul.

In its top notes the fragrance presents an intense touch of violet leaves that contrasts with spicy bergamot and the sweet hint of water fruits. The middle notes hide that chic touch, a mixture of exotic flowers such as Moroccan jasmine, Convallaria Majalis—or lily of the valley—and seductive violet. The fragrance leaves spicy and warm bottom notes of vanilla pods, blended with cedar wood and musk.

The visual: Emiliano Ponzi illustration

With the same goal of building a collection, the visual image of the campaign, as with the New York fragrance, is an illustration by Emiliano Ponzi.

For this occasion, he has recreated the atmosphere of the dehors of a typical Parisian bistrot with its typical awning providing shade to some trendy people, who exude fashion and charm under windows with pots of bright flowers.