The fragrance for Woman

Let’s Travel to NY for Woman fragrance is fresh, radiant and sensual. It opens with a mix of citrus fruits to express the liveliness of New York City. Bamboo, edgy and stylish, resonates like a green vegetal echo and rises in the heart of the fragrance. The uplifting Nectarine reveals an exhilarating fruitiness, utterly modern and sophisticated. A feminine and elegant floral bouquet of Iris and Fresh Jasmine to highlight the fashion spirit of New York. A cocktail of woods explodes in the trail of the fragrance with a fascinating and intense appeal.

All these ingredients, blended together, perfectly reflect the energy of the city that never sleeps. Be curious, pack your bag and let’s travel to New York!

The visual: Emiliano Ponzi illustration

The MANDARINA DUCK LET’S TRAVEL TO NEW YORK visual features an exclusive and original illustration created by Emiliano Ponzi. The high-impact and bold-tone artwork depicts a couple—a man and a woman representing the two versions of the fragrance—, inside an iconic yellow cab while they tour New York City. The cab’s windows reflect the amazing New York skyline and the background is lit up with Times Square billboards, dazzling lights and neon signs decorating the skyscrapers’ silhouettes.